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Vimax Male Power

  • Antioxidant for sperm health and general well being
  • Natural ,safe and effective
  • Better performance & more satisfaction
  • Increase your desire & Pleasure
  • Improved endurance

Why is VIMAX Male Power special?

It is highly effective because it is based on long experience of traditional medicine which understands and treats the underlying causes of impotent problems, not just the symptoms. And in the case of impotence and sexual problem, one of the main problems is weak kidney energy. What sets Male Power apart is that because it boosts allimportant kidney energy it not only helps the distressing condition of sexual problem but also produces a wide range of other beneficial effects...


Male Power improving the ability to address impotence problem


Specific Indications

  • Traditionally used to strengthen kidney function
  • Help support and enhance sexual function and libido
  • Support inner organ function
  • Helps strengthen the physique & overcome fatigue
  • Reduce frequent urination
  • Traditionally used to boost all-important kidney energy
  • To restore and maintain general well-being





Vimax Diet Slim Formula

  • 100% Natural and safe
  • Highest quality of herbal ingredient
  • supports appetite controls
  • metabolizes fat
  • promotes weight loss

Slimming Solutions' best selling product ever. VIMAX DIET SLIMMING FORMULA is like no other weight loss product. We have tweaked the formula over the years to keep up with our customers' demands - what they require from a weight loss product. Male Power improving the ability to address impotence problem. VIMAX DIET FORMULA is not available under any other label VIMAX DIET SLIM is here after 8 years of research into what customers like yourself want from a herbal weight loss pill. The exclusive ingredients work together to help you manage your we ight effectively. Although we have had many reports of weight loss of up to 9lbs per week it is not typical and average weight loss reported is around 12lbs per month.


VIMAX Diet Slimming Benefits

burn fat, can accelerate metabolism, improve burn fat rate, instantaneous combustion accumulation of fat in the body, make your 24-hour continuous exercise naturally in the body.





Body Weight Mass VIMAX

Weight Gain Capsule



100% natural and safe Herbal supplement Support healthy weight gain No added preservative or color This remedy is made from essential herbs that promote body mass. These include spirulina 300mg,wild ginseng 25mg,hawthorn 40mg, kingo (gingo) bloba25mg, liquorice 10mg,malt 25mg,vitamin B12 15mg,vitamin 15mg,whey whey protein 20mg, yam25mg



Some people are thin and need a boost to develop the body mass. It is ideal for developing Saptadhatoos and can remove the mervine debility in patients. A patient taking this capsule will get rid of physical and mental weakness. The net result is a fuller body



When the body is able to function with the right weight it gives confidence to the person. It is ideal for young people who need to add body mass to their personality without any side effects. As the physical body improves it allows the mental state to improve also.





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