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At Lomeva we take everyday products and make them functional to assist you in making better choices for your health and nutrition. As part of our commitment to a strong health food industry, Lomeva, where possible does not sell direct to consumers. Lomeva products are sold mainly through participating quality natural health food stores, pharmacies and health and wellness centres in Australia and overseas. Due to the ever expanding demand for Lomeva products outside of Australia, our products are exported to authorised distributors in many countries around the world.

Lomeva Pharmaceuticals manufacture health food, natural food and food supplement products in Australia. If quality is important to you, Lomeva offers licensed production to health department and pharmaceutical standards.

In addition to peace of mind, this will allow product access to Australian and export markets where Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a regulatory requirement.

Whether you produce your own range of health products, or supply bulk products locally or from overseas, Lomeva Health can assist you with the filling and packaging of:

  • hard or soft gel capsules & tablets
  • pure extracts and oils e.g. olive oil, macadamia oil, tea tree oil
  • liquids e.g. dietary supplement drinks
  • viscous products e.g. flavouring syrups
  • dietary powders and blends e.g. meal replacement protein powders
  • speciality food powders e.g. barley grass

Commonly packaged container types/styles range from:

  • plastic and glass bottles and jars
  • tubes
  • and more

Product security is becoming a major issue in the retail environment. We stay ahead of trends and offer tamper evident processes including:

  • induction sealing
  • Fuji sealing
  • tamper-tell packaging
  • tamper evident labelling
  • over-wrapping

If you have not approached Lomeva Health, now is the time to starting putting a plan in place for when the need arises. Contact Lomeva Health today for a confidential and obligation free discussion of your current or anticipated requirements for health food, natural food or food supplements manufacturing and packaging in Australia.




Health Product Manufacturer offering Private Label Products

Lomeva offers many different types of vitamins and supplements, including weight loss essentials. We are a cGMP certified vitamin company with more than a decade of experience manufacturing vitamins and supplements for private label distributors and retailers in Australia and worldwide.

We can manufacture supplements based on formulas provided by the customer, and we also employ a team of experienced scientists who can improve upon an existing formula or develop a completely new product. Everything from multivitamins to men’s sexual enhancement formulas.

This enables us to produce products and other types of supplements in large volumes without sacrificing quality. Our high production capacity, as well as our numerous in house capabilities, allow us to offer some of the most competitive prices in the supplement manufacturing industry.

As a full service health product manufacturer, Lomeva offers more than just manufacturing and testing services. Customers who turn to us to produce their products can also rely on us to provide:

  • Packaging with options including blister packs, bottles, flip-top containers, boxes, shrink wrap, and more
  • Product labelling with strict label adherence to meet guidelines set by regulating agencies
  • Assistance with product marketing and distribution




Vitamin Manufacturer offering Private Label Multivitamins

Lomeva is a leading vitamin manufacturer offering various types of health supplements for private label distributors and retailers worldwide. We are committed to providing our customers with safe and effective vitamins at highly competitive prices. To meet this end, we use some of the most technologically advanced manufacturing equipment, and because we are a cGMP certified vitamin manufacturer, we use these ingredients to produce high-quality supplements for your private label brand.

We can manufacture vitamins based on a formula you provide, or our team of scientists can improve upon an existing formula. If you have an idea for a product but do not have a set formula, we can create a custom formula for you. In order to guarantee optimal purity, strength, identity, and conformity for our vitamins, we always conduct thorough tests on all of our raw ingredients, as well as the final products.

As a customer oriented vitamin manufacturer, Lomeva offers flexible options including:

  • Vitamin tablets
  • Vitamin capsules
  • Children’s chewable vitamins

Additionally, because we are a full service vitamin supplement manufacturer, we provide product packaging and labeling along with our manufacturing and testing. We can even offer professional assistance for marketing and distribution.

To learn more about our turnkey services, contact us today. In addition to being a vitamin manufacturer, Lomeva manufactures sport supplements, weight loss supplements, men’s sexual enhancement supplements, and many other health and wellness products.

Our mission is to be your partner of choice for human and animal health products.
Registered in Australia - ABN: 25159787881 | Registered Office - Granville, NSW